The mission

With your support, we hope to raise $60,000 to sponsor Syrian refugee families through The Swim.

This money will provide the families with support during their first year of resettlement in Canada. Together, let’s build a community of compassion that helps Syrian refugee families live safe and happy lives in Canada. 


The Swim

Victor will be swimming over 52KM from Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON to the shores of Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto, ON.

The swim strives to spark a conversation about the Syrian refugee crisis and provides Canadians with an opportunity to create direct and impactful change.  

Learn more about why the swim is happening here.


The Cause

Canadians have a responsibility as global citizens to better the living conditions of displaced Syrian refugees in the Middle East by helping with their resettlement process.

Learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis here.

The Swim will help address this global crisis by uniting a community of individuals and organizations as well as provide a fresh start to a displaced family.    



HOw you Can help

If our message resonates with you, let’s work together to create a better future for a family in need.

Learn more about why you should donate here.

If you're interested in helping the family, learn more here.