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Day 4: Mr. Lal Heads to Ottawa

Brockville to Ottawa

Distance: 114 KM biked 

Time Spent Biking: 7 hours

Total KM Biked: 502 KM

First off, thank you so much to Josh and Ellie Bennett from Brockville for being willing to take me in, give me a delicious dinner and breakfast, and help me get a great night's sleep. I really appreciate your kindness towards a stranger like me - hope we can run into each other again someday! 

Biking non-stop is absolutely exhausting. Especially with the heat today, I really had to push myself to stop thinking about the sun and concentrate on pedaling. The roads to Ottawa were flat but really isolated - I ran into only a handful of people during the whole day. 

Some More Common Questions

1) Do you do anything while biking for 8-10 hours each day?

Podcasts podcasts podcasts. I listen to a bunch of different podcasts in one ear when I'm in a low-traffic place - my favourites are Radiolab, Revisionist History, and Freakonomics, and they make the KMs go a little faster.

Otherwise, I think about life! In a sense, it's really therapeutic to be doing something difficult, where everyone would understand if you gave up or took a break, and just putting your head down and pedaling. It might sound a little crazy, but the physical exhaustion and constant battles are the best part of this entire trip.

2) What are you eating? 

Apart from protein bars, energy gels, protein bars, energy gels, and more protein bars (yes I have a problem) I try to find a place to grab a quick snack or lunch along the route. Today, that quick snack was a gas station, and I got to use the old I-am-biking-far-so-I-can-eat-a-Snickers line. For lunch, I was lucky enough to run into an amazing sandwich shop - that poor Chicken BLT was helpless. 

3) How do you get water if you're biking through the countryside?

Great question! I actually stop at random houses and just knock on the door. As soon as people hear about the journey, they're more than willing to fill up my bottles with ice cold water, and also are always interested in having a quick conversation about the cause. Without people's generosity, this trip wouldn't be possible. 

Today was hot, exhausting, but great. I managed to roll into Ottawa around 5 PM, and was really glad to get a few hours to catch up on work and the news. I'm staying with my friend Srijan and his amazingly nice family - I'll be thanking them in tomorrow's blog! 

Thank you for all the support guys. Just know that when I'm feeling tired and get a message from one of my friends, saying that they believe in the cause and are going to help bring the Beshmaf family to Canada, it really helps me to keep going.