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Day 5: Les Aventures de Victor

Ottawa to Hawkesbury

Distance: 134 KM biked 

Time Spent Biking: 9 hours

Total KM Biked: 636 KM in 5 days

A huge thank you to Srijan and the entire Walia family for taking me in. Amazing food, amazing hospitality, and it was really nice to see a familiar face after being on the road for a bit.

Late night chapati with paneer never tasted so good <3 

Meeting with MP John McKay was great! Really appreciate his support for the project, and even though it's only been 5 days, it was nice to hear about how ol' Scarborough is doing.

See you later Ontario! Time to remember how to speak French. 

Spoke too soon - road closures added about 10 KM to my ride. All smiles though, today's a beautiful day for riding. 

After biking in Quebec for most of the day, I crossed back into Ontario to spend the night in Hawkesbury. Cam Lalonde was extremely generous to take me in, and I completely collapsed as soon as I got into bed. Another great day :)