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Days 20, 21, and 22: Three Great Days in Nova Scotia Down

Pictou, NS to Antigonish, to Whycocomagh, to North Sydney

Distance: 307 KM biked

Total KM Biked: 2451 KM in 22 days

This part of Canada definitely isn't designed for bikers. In general, you have one of two options: the Trans Canada Trail, which is the safest route, but is all gravel/dirt and isn't the most direct connection between my stops, and the Trans Canada Highway, which has the most car traffic but can get you from Point A to Point B the fastest. 

I used the highway for most of today, but there were areas (see below) where there was no shoulder on the road and I had to ride on the gravel section beside the highway. Riding beside cars and trucks going 120 KM/H is definitely not fun, but again, the highway does get you across the Maritimes faster than anything else. 

After reaching Antigonish, I kept going through Nova Scotia towards Cape Breton, ready for the scenic views of the Cabot Trail :) 

The rain kept falling all day, and I got caught in a really bad downpour in the middle of Cape Breton. Riding with soaked shoes and clothes definitely won't be on the highlight reel of the ride, but when the rain stopped, it did make for some awesome riding: 

Made it to Whycocomagh - thank you to the Bear on the Lake Guesthouse for hosting me! I thought that I would have time to ride into town to grab food, but with the sun going down quickly, I decided to eat what I was carrying with me. So, dinner was five pieces of wet bread with peanut butter - definitely not fancy, but good enough. 

And finally, Day 22: heading from inland Cape Breton to North Sydney to catch the ferry to Newfoundland. 

There also happened to be a power outage, which meant no running water - had to improvise to stay hydrated. Luckily I ran into a pipe along the road that had natural spring water, and was 99.99% sure that it was safe to drink. Maybe 99.98% sure. 

It was definitely a nice break to be moving without having to pedal. The 16 hour ferry ride took me from North Sydney, NS to Argentia, NL, meaning that it was an overnight trip. I didn't get a cabin (in order to save a bit of money) and found a quiet place in the ferry's movie theater to sleep - honestly, after biking all day, sleeping in that chair felt amazing.