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Days 15 and 16: Please Stop Raining, Please

Fredericton to Jemseg, to Moncton

Distance: 192 KM biked 

Time Spent Biking: 14 hours over 2 days 

Total KM Biked: 1871 KM in 16 days

Wise words to live by. 

The rain was really bad today - I just wanted to get to my next stop, but it was ridiculously cold and miserable to bike in the rain. When the rain and wind got so bad that it forced me to stop, I lucked out: 

Yikes, Day 15 would have been a lot better with some sun. Spent Canada Day drying my clothes (and failing), and hit the road again the next day.

Today was just lonely, lonely riding. The final distance ended up being just over 130 KM on country side roads, and something like 5 cars passed me per hour, max. 

Never thought I would miss cars :( 

But the open road did allow for me to make great time, and I was bombing down the road while also trying to outrun horseflies. 

The sun came out in full force - with no shade, riding became crazy exhausting:

After a full day of riding, I made it to Moncton, more than ready for a day without biking - really excited to visit MAGMA, the local refugee agency. 

This was a fast update - the blog for the Moncton section of the ride will be MUCH more exciting, believe me. Should be uploading those blog posts in the next few days! 

As always, please consider donating to help us sponsor the Beshmaf family, a family of five Syrian refugees here.