Thank you to all of our donors - you are now sponsors of a Syrian refugee family.

100% of your contribution will go directly towards the sponsorship. We'll keep you updated on the status of the sponsored family as they go through the process of coming to Canada!


Janis Gorrie

Martha Watt

Helen Danakas

Scott Rands

Kristen Wadey

Jason Monteith

Sandeep Walia

Guelph Academy of Music

Katherine Blake

Witold Dobrzanski

Sofila Timilsina

Kamala Rupakheti

Peter Kruzlics

Sandra Ward

Janusz Lal 

Leon Geng 

Margaret Baranski

Ibrahim Ibrahim 

Saboor Hussain

Joann Lombardo

Patrick Whittemore

Betsy Lehman

Saboor Hussain

Kadir Mohideen

Z.I. Osman

Sally Ormston


And a massive thank you to all of our anonymous donors!