1) Direct Impact

Every penny of your donation will go directly towards supporting a Syrian refugee family through the Islamic Foundation of Toronto.

100% of your donation will be used to provide the family with food, housing, and other necessary support. 


2) Transparency

We don't believe that donations should go into a "black box."

All donors will receive updates on the sponsorship, keeping you connected to the family as they go through the refugee process, when they arrive in Canada, and throughout the beginning of their new life as Canadians.

We hope that this not only increases transparency with your donation, but also creates a personal and human link between you and the Syrian refugee crisis. 


3) The Cause    

The Syrian refugee crisis is the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. Click here to learn more about the crisis.  

Canada is a country of immigrants. As Canadians, we have a responsibility to help those whose lives are at risk.

Your donation is a small but meaningful token of what we want Canada, and ourselves as Canadians, to be known for.