Victor Lal

Victor is a Political Science student at Western University. Both of his parents were refugees, and were able to build a life in Canada that wouldn't have been possible elsewhere.   

The idea for Ride for Refugees came from Victor's frustration with being unable to help Syrian refugees trying to come to Canada. He noticed that many Canadians want to help, but aren't able to directly sponsor refugees due to two main constraints: time and money. 

But what if Canadians could work together to support a Syrian refugee family?

This would allow every person who wants to help, be this through a $1,000 or $10 contribution, to be able to say that they helped sponsor a Syrian refugee family. 

Additionally, by creating a community of donors, this group of Canadians could stay connected to the family throughout their process of resettling in Canada. In a time of increased misunderstanding and divisive political rhetoric, this personal connection to the Syrian refugee crisis is crucial.