Canadians for Syria is currently organizing the sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family.

We'd like to make this a community sponsorship, where anyone who has ever wanted to help refugees fleeing violence can be a sponsor. Whether your contribution is $10 or $100, you are becoming a sponsor of a family in need.

We promise to keep every donor connected to the family, and to create a community where you are updated on the application status of the family, their arrival in Canada, and the beginnings of their new life as Canadians.


The sponsorship will require approximately $30,000 in funding. 100% of all donations will go directly to sponsoring the Syrian refugee family.


Recent Donors


Any Amount

With any donation, you'll be a sponsor of a Syrian refugee family.

We'll add you to our sponsor community and keep you informed on the status of the family throughout their journey to Canada.



With a donation of $50 or more, you'll be an official sponsor of 25 KM of Ride for Refugees.

In addition to being informed about the family, we'll thank you when Victor is travelling across your 25 KM.



If you want to have the greatest impact possible, we'd like to get you more involved.

We'll keep you closely connected with the needs of the family throughout their journey to Canada and beyond. Groups and organizations can pool their support for this donation.




We'd love to give you answers. Please reach out to us for questions regarding sponsorship, the ride, or the campaign in general!

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